Although Westport Homes strives to build a home with zero defects, we realize that problems can arise after closing. In an effort to correct any problems, we ask that you inform us of any issues. Please complete this form and a Westport Homes representative will contact you within one business day. Thank you.

Note: You must be available to meet our warranty personnel or one of our contractors. We will not enter a home without the homeowner or a representative present. Service requests will be taken care of during normal business hours.
(8am-3pm, Monday-Friday).

Check Warranty Coverage

Click here to immediately see the coverage remaining on your home.


Friendly reminder from our warranty department for our new Westport homeowners:

To prevent leaks from ice damming, be sure to clear the valleys in your roof and gutters of snow and ice. Leaks from ice dams are not warranted.

Change your furnace filters regularly to keep your system running smoothly and to improve the air quality in your home.

Thank you!


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