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Choose Westport Homes.

Recently named as one of the Top 100 Homebuilders by Builder Magazine, Westport Homes is one of the premier new home builders in the Midwest. With flourishing operations in Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, Indiana and Columbus, Ohio, Westport offers single family homes, townhomes, patio homes and low-maintenance homes for every budget and lifestyle. We are excited to help you find the house that you can proudly call home!

Why Put Your Faith & Investment in Westport Homes?

Because we are here to stay! With long-term success in mind, Westport takes great pride in supporting local communities and their interests. We strive to maintain a respected name in the homebuilding industry. We also promote a strong sense of sustainability & environmental friendliness with each home that we build. By partnering with suppliers that share the same passion for sustainable home design, Westport successfully saves you on energy costs each month and protects the longevity of your home for generations to come.

We invite you to come experience the Westport Advantage!

An Easy Buying Process for a New Luxury Home

Over the years, Westport Homes has experienced a steady pace of rapid growth in a number of prosperous locations. Why?

Because we do things differently.

Our customers truly come first and we focus on providing a superior product, simple financing and excellent service. When you choose Westport, you can count on a no-fuss, informative process as our team guides you through each step. Our team pays attention to the meticulous details that many local home builders overlook. Our focus is on your experience, your home, your dream.


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